What do you know about Thai religion? Rent a house in Thailand and come to find out more about it.

Thailand is very religious kingdom. Religion doesn’t exist apart from Thai culture. It is an integral part of the culture. You will find it exciting to explore Thai religion. So rent a house in Thailand and visit this great Asian country.

The main religion of Thailand is Buddhism. There are 94.6% Buddhists among the population of Thailand. The remaining part consists of Muslims (4.6%), Christians (0.7%) and less than 0.1% are Sikhs, Hindus and other religion followers. If you rent a house in Thailand somewhere among native inhabitants, you will see how religious they are. You also will be wondered that Thailand is tolerant for all religions. It is remarkable that law provides for freedom of religion!

The main role in Thai society is given to the temple. Buddhism inspired innumerable temples built in the name of Buddha. There are about 30 thousand Buddhist temples in Thailand. Independently of the place where you rent a house in Thailand you find a lot of wonderful temples. I advise you to rent a house in Thailand’s capital and the biggest city – Bangkok and visit the Temple of the Emerald Buddha. This temple is considered to be the most sacred place in Thailand.

There is one more interesting thing about religion in Thailand. Every man turned 20, have to become a monk for the period from 5 days to 3 months. During this period they are studying Buddha teaching. They are supported by Thai people. You will find more interesting about Thai religion, if you visit Thailand. So rent a house in Thailand, arrange transfer and this wonderful country will get you warm welcome.

16 Mar 2012